Our Team

Find out more about our professional and experienced team - who they are, how they can help you and how you can contact them.

  • Our Team
    Sharon Butter BA (Hons)
    Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Anne Lawson
    Administration Manager
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  • Our Team
    Robert Grattage
    Director & Senior Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Harry Lawson
    Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Gerard Williams Chartered ALIBF
    Director & Senior Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Michael Vidal-Gomes
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  • Our Team
    Stephen G Burton DipPFS
    Director & Senior Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Stan Bailey
    Director & Senior Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Jordan Elcock DipFA CeMap
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  • Our Team
    Sharon Burton DipPFS
    Director & Senior Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Robert Lawson
    Managing Director
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  • Our Team
    Glenn Dennis
    Senior Financial Adviser
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  • Our Team
    Gary Walker DipFA
    Financial Planning Consultant
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  • Our Team
    Oliver Wrighton DipFA, CeMAP
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  • Our Team
    Nick Trudgill
    Director & Senior Financial Planning Consultant
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  • Our Team
    David Meyrick
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  • Our Team
    Chris Bennett
    Marketing & Development Director
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  • Our Team
    Simon Green
    Financial Planning Consultant
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  • I have found the admin staff and Glenn Dennis to be most helpful and polite with answering my questions and advising me in a helpful way so that I understand any situations that might occur.

    Mr A. Spalding

  • The services provided by Glenn, Sally and the research team have really helped me to navigate through the quagmire of financial products giving me the re-assurance I’m doing the best I can in managing my assets – Thank you.

    Ms M. Leicestershire

  • The service has been exemplary, it could not have been any better in any aspect. Jordan is fantastic, he was very knowledgeable and able to explain everything very well making us feel at ease and confident in what we were doing.

    Mr W. Warwickshire

  • Sound advice given and explained in a way that is easily understood (no jargon used e.g). Jordan has been excellent in his dealings with me.

    Miss P. Coventry

  • Jordan has always been Polite, friendly and professional.

    Mr T. Staffordshire

  • Since Sharon took over I’ve been very happy with the job she has done, and put everything in black and white and made it easy to understand

    Mr W. Leicestershire

  • I have dealt with Sharon for many years now and to be honest would not want any other adviser. Also Kate has been most helpful when I have telephoned her.

    Mr A.  West Midlands 

  • Good impartial advice given. Sharon understands our requirements and explains things clearly!

    Mr & Mrs T. Nottinghamshire

  • Always keeping us up to date with anything we needed to know. Everyone has been so lovely and helpful (even with our very silly questions we were not sure on!). Made the whole moving in process a breeze. Can’t thank you all enough!

    Miss F. West Midlands

  • Very pleased with the service and advice, down to earth and not just for ‘rich’ people.

    Mr R. Derbyshire

  • This is something that I do not discuss with others, but if asked by someone, I would happily recommend Sharon.

    Mr. & Mrs. T. Walsall

  • We would not hesitate to recommend our trusted adviser, Nick Trudgill.

    Client – Derbyshire

  • Nick Trudgill always answers my queries about my portfolio and helps with any other problems. I have always received good advice from the company.

    Mr & Mrs K. Leicestershire

  • We have already recommended Nick to a number of friends. He has brought knowledge, experience, calm, understanding and wisdom to all our dealings. We are very appreciative and count ourselves fortunate to have his help.

    Mr W. West Yorkshire

  • Very good advice, I have recommended you to others and they have signed up. I will definitely use you again.

    Mr R. Derby

  • A very professional company to deal with.

    Mr W. South Yorkshire

  • Due to the service received by David Meyrick, I have already referred him to a friend.

    Mr & Mrs A – Nottingham

  • Responsive service, we are happy with our financial adviser.

    Mr. & Mrs. K. Leicester

  • The fact that it is in the familiar surroundings of your own home … you feel more at ease talking to the consultant. Oliver was very patient too when I was asking all the questions that he had sometimes already explained! The service is always excellent and the consultants very friendly and knowledgeable.

    S Ward - Derbyshire

  • Advice given in a way that is easy to understand which is key as pensions are very difficult to get your head around.

    Mrs R – Loughborough

  • Oliver has always gone over and above to provide a good service.

    Mrs G. Leicester

  • I found Mr Wrighton very easy to converse with and I immediately felt comfortable discussing my financial situation.

    Mrs M. Worcester

  • We have found everyone very efficient and approachable with our best interests at heart.

    Mr & Rev M - Bedfordshire

  • Sharon definitely had my best interests at heart, she negotiated a good deal on my annuity.

    Ms. M. Gloucester

  • I liked the fact that David came to our home and explained everything in detail. This gave us reassurance we were selecting the right product. The experience was effortless and efficient. Nothing could be improved. The experience we had was above expectations.  I’d recommend David to anyone who was looking for financial advice as he genuinely cares about his clients.

    Mr M., Leeds

  • David was very organised and efficient as well as being informative and clear. My experience with David and Ashwood Law was an excellent one. David was very polite, knowledgeable and helpful with information and different outcomes. I felt very comfortable to progress with my pension and early retirement plans. All my worries and concerns were addressed and clarified so that I fully understood any consequences.

    L.M., West Yorkshire

  • David Meyrick was courteous, friendly, patient and explained well.  He was confident and inspired confidence.


    D & S C., Yorkshire

  • I wanted to send you an email of thanks and appreciation for Jordan's hard work.
    Upon making contact with Ashwood Law, I spoke to Jordan. Jordan was exceptionally helpful, friendly and approachable and answered every query that I had with the re-mortgaging process. Jordan discussed with me what my financial aspirations were from my re-mortgage, and then got to me a deal which exactly suited my needs and requirements.
    Jordan made the process quick, easy and hassle free, which has saved me countless hours of research and stress if I was to undertake the endeavour by myself.

    P. B., South Yorkshire

  • Because Mr Walker was patient, long suffering, excellent and above all professional in his manner which would undoubtedly reflect on Ashwood Law I would have no hesitation in recommending him and to Ashwood Law.

    Mrs T., Newark

  • I have dealt with you for many years and have always felt comfortable with you, particularly with Stan Bailey.

    Mrs T, Leicestershire

  • Clear, easy to understand info. Knowledgeable representative.

    Mr E, Telford

  • Gary is a very friendly man with a lot of information to give us.

    Mr H, Lincoln

  • Clear guidance throughout the process of equity release. Spenser was very helpful and courteous throughout the process.

    Mrs B., Nottinghamshire

  • I do not find financial literature easy to understand but Spenser did his best to explain it to me.

    Mrs C., Derbyshire

  • No hesitation in recommending to friends and family.

    Mr W., Leicester

  • Never having previously any need for financial advice, I couldn’t have had a more professional, caring and helpful service.

    Mrs P., Leicestershire

  • We have been with Ashwood Law for many years. We have an extremely good relationship with Steve who has provided excellent financial advice over the years. Trust is so important in financial matters and we trust both Ashwood Law and Steve totally. Many thanks for looking after our affairs.

    Mr & Mrs B., Worcester

  • Tony is always friendly but professional and will always explain anything we’re not too sure of.

    Mr & Mrs G., Leicestershire

  • Always pleased with Tony’s advice.

    Mr & Mrs P., Northamptonshire

  • A very professional and efficient service plus the people that I have any dealings with, are friendly, polite, you would wish them as your friends.

    Mr G., Rugby

  • Very friendly all round, very professional.  Everything explained in ‘easy to interpret’ way and nothing too much trouble. Excellent communication – via email, calls and texts.  You have very friendly and approachable staff – regardless of how small a query – it is responded to very quickly, effectively and easily.  Thank You.

    Ms S., Leicestershire

  • Friendly, not pressurised, attention to detail and ensuring client understood products. Not hurried.

    Mrs J O, West Midlands

  • Professional, efficient service. Affable people.

    J.O, Derbyshire

  • We have had excellent service from Ashwood Law over a number of years & particularly value Robert’s advice. He is always well prepared for our visits, sensitive to our needs & thoroughly professional.

    Mr & Mrs P.

  • Financial literature is always a bit bewildering. Stan was excellent at patiently explaining. The quality financial advice that Ashwood Law provide is less easy to find these days.  We consider ourselves fortunate to have found such an excellent company. Many thanks to Stan for standing in for Stephen. Not an easy job when we had built up such a level of trust with Stephen B. Stan fulfilled the job admirably. Look forward to many years ahead with Ashwood Law. Many thanks.

    Mr & Mrs B Worcester

  • We are most satisfied with the service we receive from Ashwood Law. They go out of their way to achieve the best results. Sharon was also involved with recent events. She too could not have done enough for us. Very down to earth and explained everything thoroughly.

    Mr W., Derbyshire