Robert Lawson

Managing Director

About Robert Lawson

I founded Ashwood Law as an unincorporated Partnership in 1982 and I have enjoyed shaping its development and expansion throughout the many changes in this industry to the substantial Ashwood Law Wealth Management firm we have today.  I have not achieved this alone; it has been very much a group effort to get to where we stand now, working together with my other directors, management, advisers and administration. I’m proud of the fact that Ashwood Law continues to be a trusted, established and friendly company.  My background has always been in financial services and I continue to spend my time working to create a place where people can come to for professional advice which is delivered efficiently and clearly.

In my free time I enjoy time spent with my family.  I also like getting outdoors and taking part in the challenges of golf as well as continuing my hobby of many years standing of recording and producing music.